Saturday, February 23, 2013


So, quite a few things have changed since I last blogged - um, two years ago? ( I'm not known for being terribly focused when it comes to writing...there's even a rumor that I have only completed ONE out of all my children's baby books. That's SO not true. I haven't even finished that one! Sigh. But don't count on things improving with my recording skills because, as I stated, things have changed....

We are now a family of FIVE! 

I had been keeping a little secret the last time I blogged about the Run for Sight, but those who saw me on the race course may have had their suspicions when I was walking instead of racing. A mere 3 months after the devastating loss at 21-weeks of our tiny baby, Beatrice Heather, we were completely shocked to find out we were expecting again. Fast forward to Thanksgiving, 2011. At 11:01pm, on 11/25/11, we welcomed our 3rd beautiful daughter: Full term, healthy, 5lb 14oz Adler Grace Geary. There are no words to describe the happiness this brunette lovebug has brought into our lives. To quote my favorite lullaby: 

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.

As I type this blog, Miss Adler Grace is bouncing around our kitchen...15 months of energy; a wonderful, wildly wicked Toddler. She has fit in to this family without a hitch, with one exception - as of yet, she does NOT have congenital cataracts! Whoo hoo! We are hoping her brown hair and dark eyes ward off this visual impairment, but just like her other siblings she runs a 50% chance of developing the disease. Which brings me to my other, not as great news...

Auden developed cataracts.

Those of you that follow Facebook closely already know this. For those of you that don't: Right after our last Run for Sight in 2011, his routine checkup with Dr. Lambert showed the beginnings of congenital cataracts in both eyes. As the year went on, his visual problems increased and his behavior got worse, until it was recognized by all parties that surgery was required. We missed the 2012 Run for Sight as a result. I have an entire post to write about his surgeries at age 3 (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the stupid comments made by morons), but that's a vent for another day. To summarize, Auden's bilateral cataract extractions with bilateral lens replacements went smoothly, and he is now the proud owner of a pair of kelly green bifocals. And, being the character that he is, Auden rocks his "sunglasses" like he's Karl Lagerfeld himself. Now if only his big sister would wear her bifocals...

So let's get real - why am I blogging again? Because I need your help - It's that time again! The St. Louis Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments is having their annual Run for Sight, and The Geary Family (aka TEAM AVERY) is, once again, Representin'. 

This May we are loading up our crew of 5 and heading to The Lou to raise money for a GREAT cause! For our fourth Run for Sight, however, we are changing our team name and our colors to honor of our sweet son Auden. Also, Brian and I are not "blind" to the fact that we are now parents of not one, but two children with visual impairments. If anyone has a responsibility to raise funds and bring attention to the burdens visual impairments bring to a family - emotional, physical, and financial - it is us. This is a challenge we joyfully accept. Will we see you May 5th?


XOXO Erin Geary