Saturday, March 2, 2013

A2: Little Man

When we did our first fundraising team for the 2009 Run for Sight, it was in honor of my first daughter, Avery Claire. Since we insanely gave all three of our children 5-letter names beginning with the letter "A", Avery Claire is also referred to as "A1" or "AC." (Although she recently announced that she prefers to go by "AC" because: "my name is stupid.") Are you confused yet?

To read Avery Claire's story and see how our involvement with The Run for Sight all began, follow this link:
AC on her 4th Birthday, before her successful lens replacement surgeries

First Day of 4K - two weeks out from Right Lens Replacement

Because Brian and I are now the proud parents of TWO children with congenital cataracts, we've changed our name from Team Avery to Team A{Squared}. (Please dear God do not let Adler Grace develop cataracts, because "Triple A" sounds like a battery and I'm kind of running out of good team names...) We are flying into St. Louis from Georgia and hoping to gather up with a great group of our friends! We would love for you to help us give a generous donation to the Delta Gamma Center in honor of our two children's battle with visual impairment! ***Note: This is the part where you check your calendar and sign up to run or walk with us on May 5th***
Run or Walk with Team A {Squared}!  Sign up here.  If you can't make it, consider a donation:

For the 2013 season we are focusing on our middle child, Auden James Bryant Geary. When we aren't shouting his full name in furor over something he's done, we refer to Auden as "Little Man" or "A2." Often I feel as if his struggle has been overlooked, and by no means has he had an easy road. In a dream world, my son would not have required bifocal glasses at age 3. However, as most parents would agree, things could be much worse. While I may not enjoy watching my second child endure what my first child suffered, Auden is physically here for me to teach, cuddle, and love... for that I am beyond thankful.
Underwear Superheros - Auden and Mommy Christmas 2013 

If you have ever met Auden, the first thought that comes into your mind is: "What a Character." The next phrase to enter your head will be, "Wow - He is WIDE OPEN, ain't he?!" Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time that sentence was uttered about A2, I would be able to replace our garage door...The door Auden broke at age 25 months by riding it to the ceiling. Multiple times. I'm a little sad that I don't have a picture of these incidents, but I acted responsibly and rescued that sweet boy dangling 12 feet in the air (giggling and saying, "Mommy, I up here!") I had to sprint pretty fast to the garage, lest he lose his grip and smash that tiny body on the concrete floor. So no pictures. But I digress.

With two sisters and a personality that takes after his Father, Auden really has no other choice but to be our comic relief. And being the good mom that I am, I've amassed digital proof of his antics; proof that I like to refer to as "Blackmail." Should Auden ever attempt to date, I will pull these babies out and use them like Kryptonite on Superman. If the pictures don't scare away my potential replacement Auden's lovely lady, then I'm going to offer her some of my world famous cooking. Probably my homemade protein bars, or as Brian refers to them, "Breakfast Bricks." If she survives this assault and continues to date my son...well, then I'll know it's true love. Hopefully she'll forgive me, and maybe I'll even get to help her pick out a wedding dress. I do love to shop.

These are some of my internet-friendly favorite photos of Little Man:

In Daddy's shirt, carrying his murse (aka "Man Purse") 
Vacuuming in the buff
Looking pretty in AC's headband

Smiling at himself in the Princess Vanity mirror...

Taking his football for a stroll

Wearing my rainboots and picking his nose

Climbing up and dangling off our breakfast table at 11 months old

Barbie love
"I feel the need - the need... for speed."

Auden doesn't sleep with stuffed animals

Princess heels
Reading - in the Toy Box
Houdini destroying the zipper and escaping from his third - yes, third - crib tent. 

It's cool to pick your nose!

Completely asleep. Standing up.

For those of you who know our Auden, consider running, walking, or donating to our team in his honor May 5th. And for those of you who don't know him - come out and meet him!


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